Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I came across a cool company called PANYL, thanks to Centstational Girl, who featured them in her Best of the Blogosphere. They sell self adhesive vinyl in an array of colors, wood grains and some metalics. They are intended to be geared toward dressing up IKEA furniture but can be used on basically any flat solid surface and can be removed without residue. Click on the caption for the pic below and take a look at their blog and how they took a plain IKEA dresser and turned into a DIY west elm look-a-like. They even took brushed gold PANYL paper and covered the dark drawer pulls that were original to the dresser - that was my favorite part! They came out awesome.
It certainly doesn't even look IKEA anymore! 


And how awesome do these look too...

I love the Kelly green of the Ekby Jarpen below. They make them to fit the IKEA Ekby shelving. How great! and so many colors to choose from.


They look so good hung in a row each a different color. How cute for a girls room or even an office (sorry for the blurry image but you can get the idea)...

Be sure to check out their websites for all their options for different IKEA lines, they also sell by the foot so you can make any shape/size you like.

(this is not a sponsored post for PANYL, IKEA or Centsational Girl. I am just a fan and wanted to share them with you!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012