Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am SO excited because my cousin came by today and hung the cabinet doors!! So today I will be skipping "Trendy Tuesday" to share with you how the kitchen looks now. There is still a little work left to do, I am still debating over the finish of the cabinet pulls. I know I am going for brass but just not sure if I prefer the polished brass I have already purchased or want more of a matte brass...I can not thank Pete enough! He did such an amazing job constructing and installing my new doors and drawer fronts - Thank You Pete xoxo
(and please excuse my not so greatly styled iphone pics, once it is 100% finished I will take some better pics)

Do you remember what our kitchen looked like BEFORE??


Drum Roll....AFTER!

AFTER - please don't mind the one cabinet pull all by its lonesome, just testing it out

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