Thursday, September 13, 2012


Please check out one of my new items in my etsy store (you can also click on the icon to the right). I am trying to find the time to get some more items together to put up, to expand my store, but I am still working on it! For now here is a've, I'm sure, seen many of these! There are so many great variations out there and you can even try to make your own, but the problem I found with all the ones I have seen being sold is that you can't use them as a vase for real flowers because they are painted from the inside so you can't use water in them. The only alternative out there is to paint them on the outside, but I LOVE the look of them painted on the inside, you still get the purity of the glass instead of paint on the outside that might chip off. So I came up with a way to make them inside painted & WATERPROOF so you can put those real flowers it them!! I'll be adding some more colors soon, and of course you can request a custom color pallet.

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