Monday, February 25, 2013


What's better than adding a little sparkle to your desk? Even though my desk project isn't finished, well even yet to be started, I've been thinking of ways to dress it up once it is done. 
The materials I used are below, although you don't have to use the IKEA trivets, you could use a regular mouse pad that maybe you already have, I just happened to be there over the weekend and thought it would be cute to have a round mouse pad.

1. layer the top of your mouse pad with mod podge
2. after you have sprinkled the glitter over your mouse pad and shaken off the excess, allow the glitter and mod podge to dry a couple hours, then shake off again any excess glitter that didn't dry (not shown), then pour a moderate amount of mod podge over the glitter
3. rotate the mouse pad to spread the mod podge evenly over the mouse pad
4. allow to dry over night

and then you get this....

A sparkly accessory for your desk!

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