Thursday, May 30, 2013


Thanks to Brittany Makes I found out about Net Vibes (which apparently has been around for awhile, I just need to get out from under a rock I guess). It will organize all your blogs so you don't miss a thing! There are so many I like to read and can never keep track or remember them all, and am not really into signing up for the feeds just cause I get so many emails daily as it is. This has them all in one place and updates whenever there is a new post.

I like the above view the best. But with the free version you can also view them like this, which breaks down by the day:

I like reading posts directly from the blog so once I click on a post, Net Vibes brings it up like this:

So then I just click on the post title, in this case, "Faux Stone DIY Idea" and it takes me directly to the post on the blog.
Easy Peasy!
Do you have a huge list of blogs like me that you need easy access to?

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