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Today I am going to show you a trend that I seem to find in almost every other picture I come across of kitchens - open shelving. I love it! The problem I find with residential kitchens is that they can tend to look too boxy, commercial and generic. The worst you can do is just slap prefab cabinets onto the wall and call it a day. Don't let your kitchen become a victim of boring cabinet boxes that have no personality and don't have a "custom" feel. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to make your kitchen warm, homey and unordinary. One solution is open shelving. As you will see in the pictures below they can go in any style kitchen. They can be wood or metal, have brackets or be floating. You can also just simply take the doors off a cabinet or two, and there you have right in front of you some open shelving. If you worry about resale, because anyone looking to purchase a home is looking for storage, storage, storage, mix in the open shelving with regular kitchen cabinets, a little of both worlds is your best bet! Now sit back and relax, there are many pictures ahead of you...enjoy!

Tracery Interiors
Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Steven Gambrel
Jenny Wolf Interiors
Bosworth Hoedemaker
Lynda Reeves via House and Home
Carter and Company
Pearhouse Designs
Mendelson Group
Urban Grace Interiors
Martha Stewart Living
Bakes and Company
Better Homes and Garden
Elle Decor
Elle Decor
De Depoitiers
Elle Decor

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