Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's that time of the week again! Today we will be taking a look at IKAT (ē-ˌkät) , quite frequently pronounced incorrectly, is a fabric, similar to the look of tie-dye, but actually made in the opposite way. Ikat is made by dying the treads first in the desired patterns and colors and then weaving them together to form the fabric (you may click on the "IKAT" title above for a more in depth definition). I personally love it and think it will be a well deserved trend for awhile! If you can't afford a true Ikat, there are so many affordable prints out there. Enjoy the pics!

IKAT process

IKAT tile in chevron pattern

Be Still Shop on Etsy

Circa Who
LOVE Ikat headboards!
Steven Gambrel
abc carpet
Pottery Barn


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