Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Here's a sneak of the Material Board (also known as a mood board) for our living room. It needs some more work but I'm just throwing it out there for my readers to have an idea of where I am trying to get. A couple of the items are unattainable. The desk is way way out of our price point, but I do have an inexpensive solution I am planning on and hopefully can share with you sometime soon. The lamp which I am obsessed with is sold on etsy but again I believe it was out of our price point as well. The major pieces like the sofa and chair (I would be wanting two of those awesome black chairs to make a reading/conversational area) are expensive but I love them and they are worth saving for. We have a sofa in the basement from IKEA that could do the job for now for a similar effect. The pillow I don't have the source for. We don't have a lot of space so a coffee table is still up in the air. And the rug I love and is also available in a few colors, one being emerald green (the color of the year!).

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