Friday, June 21, 2013


I don't know why people like spray painting so much. I mean, yes, it produces great results, but I HATE doing it. No matter if its a windy day or not, I always feel like every spray is spraying back at me and I am just poisoning my lungs with spray paint (yes I do wear a mask but it never seems to really help - that shit flies into ever crevice).

But onto the topic at hand. I bought these craigslist barstools for 40.00 for the pair, which was a tad more than I wanted to pay (because they did need work), but the lady didn't seem to understand negotiating down, and she was also selling them for her son who wasn't there, so since I was already there and it was still a good deal, I knew they would most likely work pretty well at the island so I took them (well I paid her for them first and then I took them).

We originally had two white wooden barstools with rush seats, that just didn't work, too country and they stuck out too far from the island when they were pushed in. I also didn't like their high backs. These I can push all the way under the counter with the back not sticking out to far into the rest of the room.

The craiglist chairs where ugly ugly ugly. They had this weird ivory and brown speckled paint job that looked oh so strange (which is not really visible in the before pic). And of course the seats were in obvious need of reupholstering.


(oh and do you see that amazing velvet tufted brass chair in the background?! another craigslist find I am so excited about and someday will be able to share with you once I reupholster them - yes I have two! and you can see the old beige walls, so glad those are gone!)

So Then onto spray painting...

So much better! I originally used Rustoleum Metalic in Brass, but wasn't really happy with how it came out, so I went back into my pins and found this post from Brittany Makes, and chose Design Masters Brilliant Gold, I am pretty happy with it but may want to try sometime Design Masters Gold Metal. It is REALLY hard (at least for me) to pick a brass/gold spray paint and really like it and stick with it, I can never seem to decide if I like the more yellow gold or more honey gold. I do think I may want to use a clear gloss finish to it though, so it faux shines a little more like this:

I also think that chair above is going to be inspiration for my other craigslist chairs, reupholstering them with black velvet.

Back to the barstools again...they aren't totally finished cause I still need to upholster the seat, but I am planning on using this spotted fabric from spoonflower (unfortunately I don't think it is available anymore - someone please let me know if you find it). Once finished I will be sure to share the full AFTER.

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