Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I am still writing 2013 on everything - oh well - at some point it will click. So as everyone is talking about resolutions, and a lot already broken by now (me included), I thought I would share with you some of my plans for 2014

EAT BETTER BUT NOT PERFECT - this is probably top on the list - I've let my eating habits become crap and I have felt like crap because of it. There are certain things I love, like a local pizza shop, Peter's Pizza, which I won't give up as my weekend treat, but will be adding in more veggies and better proteins and much much much less sugar. I put way too much sugar into my body. I don't drink juice or coffee so I am not pounding down teaspoons of sugar with that but I have a huge sweet tooth. I've also been eating too many "bad for you" carbs. The good thing is I love salads, I could live off them, I've just been lazy and not stocking my fridge with the right foods and taking the time to make them. I won't be giving up fruit (as in because of the sugar) because I LOVE fruit, another thing I could live off of, and I am a believer that fruit should absolutely not be cut out of our diets because of sugar. Any sugar found in a natural growing food (fruits and veggies) is good by me - sugar from a packet, a jar, a sack etc, that is added to something is what I am going to try hard to avoid. Also no desserts, which also means no treats. I used to never eat dessert at home, but it seems lately I am grabbing a cookie here or a piece of chocolate there and I seriously want to try and stop that. So my basic plan for right now is to just eat better. If I can eat really well during the work week then I will be happy and hopefully (for me) be a little more healthy.

GET BACK TO THE GYM - this may be delayed by a month, and not for laziness but for the fact that there are a few other things that I want to concentrate on first. Plus there are plenty of things I can do at home to get some exercise in the meantime. If I can get to the gym for one day I am pretty good about continuing to do so, so I am not worried about not getting that done.

GET MORE SLEEP BUT WAKE UP EARLIER - I've been bad about getting to work later in the morning than I want to. So going to bed earlier and getting up earlier and actually being able to organize myself in the morning will be high priority on the list.


FINISH HOME PROJECTS AND BLOG ABOUT THEM! - I tend to start projects and then run out of money to finish them or move onto something else, which leaves every room in the house partly done and partly undone.

SAVE MONEY - This is something Ryan and I both want to work on. More Saving!

BLOG! BLOG! BLOG! - One of the most important commitments I want to make to myself this year is to be way better about blogging. November to January is a really busy time for me at my full time job so it was nearly impossible for me to keep up with the blog, but now I really want to make it work. I want to make better posts, more frequent posts - at least 3 a week, grow readership and make a larger overall commitment to it. I also have been working on redesigning it - so stay tuned, I hope I can have it ready this month!

GROW MY DESIGN BUSINESS - This is big and will be the hardest but most important of all that I want to accomplish professionally. This is what I love and I hope it will continue to grow as I do more work with more clients for my e-design services, more work with my etsy store (it excites me to go over in my head all the ideas I want to add to it - its just about making it happen), more full service design working with my friend and fellow designer Kristen, and a lighting line which Kristen and I are working on together.

Overall I am just looking to make 2014 the best I can.

And now an Instagram sneak peek on a project I'm working on for the living room...make sure to follow me


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