Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi all! So I've been working on redoing our kitchen and had planned to just do one post once I was completely done so you all could see the whole thing in one sitting, but I'm getting excited with the progress, tho its been very slow, the end result is starting to take shape. My desire to have a new kitchen has been my dream for a long while. The one problem was budget. And keep in mind my cabinets were new, actually brand new - installed when the condo was built - but I hated them! Not my style at all, they felt like they should have been in a break room in an office, they didn't feel homey at all. But what I hated the most was actually the doors and draw fronts - they were the problem - the cabinets themselves were fine and in good shape and considering our kitchen is tiny and how the condo is set up there isn't much alternative to the placement of were they currently were. First I checked out how much it would be to replace the doors and draw fronts by the same manufacturer - too much! Then I looked into cabinet refacing - way too much! And finally I looked into just replacing everything - still way too much and I didn't want to go through all that. So what did I finally decide to do?! I contacted my cousin and asked him if he would be able to make me new cabinet doors and draw fronts, which I would then paint! And the new cabinets doors/draws my most talented cousin made, are beautiful!! I'll show you those in a minute. Before I show you some before pics and in progress pics, I'll give you an idea where I am at and where I want the kitchen to be. The cabinets themselves have all been primed and ready for paint. All of the draws and doors have also been primed and some painted. The upper cabinets are going to be white and the lower cabinets black :) and both with brass hardware, which has yet to be selected. Its been a long road and I still feel like I have so much more to do, and can't wait to be able to show you the final product! Enjoy the pics below! The first few a just a bit of inspiration for what I am dreaming of...

okay enough dreaming...
here are some before pics of our very ugly kitchen


Oh how I dislike the hardware!
And now...drum beautiful new cabinet doors...

lower cabinet doors/drawers back side primed
upper cabinet doors first coat of paint (backside shown)
cabinet boxes primed and ready for paint!
final layers of paint for cabinet boxes...yay! sorry about the messy kitchen lol

close up
final coat on upper cabinet doors
first coat of black paint on lower doors/drawers
first coat close up of bottom cabinet doors
So that's it so far! The white upper cabinets are all done and as we speak the final coats for the bottom cabinet doors and drawers are drying. Stayed tuned for when they are finally hung! Can't wait!!


  1. I love it! Kitchens are so hard to redo because you are in it all the time. When we gutted our kitchen my least favorite part was emptying the cabinets, you find so much stuff! Oh and that old hardware was huge, ugh. Keep p the good work!

    1. Thanks Katie! I'd love to see what you guys did! You're so right, taking everything out of the cabinets sucks, our house is a mess so that's one of the best parts of being almost done, having the house organized again

  2. LOVE IT!!! So did you paint the cab doors yourself, you had talked about having someone do it professionally...certainly looks professional to me! congrats hun..xo joy

  3. Hey darlin', I painted them myself :) I figured that eventually I want to change the counter top cause it obviously doesn't match too well lol but is livable for now, so if I was going to spend more money then it should be on new counters, and I still have to do the back splash